Accept Payments with SabeeApp -Part1

Accept Payments with SabeeApp -Part1

When we first built SabeeApp we knew that we wanted to make life as easy as possible for our partners. We wanted to build a system that would be a central point for all the day to day work in hotels life, because we believe that:

“Running a hotel is not about administration all day long. We beleive, hospitality business is built on creating an environment where people can feel at home. Let SabeeApp do most of the work for you, so you can focus on building great accommodation for great people.”

As the very first step forward to much more advanced Sabee version, we decided to integrate Stripe payment gateway. Stripe is a powerful tool which can offer you one of the best payment gateway solutions nowadays. I am not trying to sound like a TV commercial so in order to avoid that, let me quickly run through and check Pros and Cons of Stripe:
– No need to design payment forms from scratch;
– Integrated mobile payments;
– Everything is 100% safe;
– Accept payments quickly and easily;
– Accept payments in more than 130 currencies
– and some other nice things that can be found in Stripe, but as I mentioned before, we have to check also in CONS:
– It is available in 18 countries at the moment. So if you are not in one of them, unfortunately using Stripe will not be possible, BUT… Country list of Stripe is growing fast so even if today you are not in the list of supported countries, maybe tomorrow it will be changed?! Hm, I think this Con, kind of gets us back to Pros?! To be honest, I can’t think about any Con for Stripe. Here, have a look at their website and try to find one yourself

Integration of Stripe didn’t make us to stop and say “we’re done”. No, we were working on our own payment gateway SabeePay! This very new feature will come out to the daylight in the next following weeks and will ease work for many Sabee customers and their guests. One of the big advantages of is that SabeePay will be available for all countries. However, at the very beginning payments will be accepted in USD, EUR, GBP and HUF. But list of accepted currencies will grow quickly in the near future and soon we will be able cover more and more different currency users.

With both: Stripe and SabeePay, you will be able to accept payments in your own booking engine as a first stage.
On the second stage you will be able to use Stripe and SabeePay to get paid in advance for those reservations which were coming from any of your partner. Payments have never been easier and safer! More details about payment gateways can be found in our website:

If you have any feedbacks or comments or just want to say hi to us, please feel free to do so.

Egle Silenaite
Egle Silenaite

I believe that working hand in hand with our customers is that secret key ingredient that gives us power and passion to move forward.